Indoor/outdoor DIY Turning Target System

The DIY TTS is meant to run in conunction with Tom Talpey's Bullseye Match app It is free. For the hardware required to run it, see below! This is intended to be a 90% complete DIY project where you just mount the components onto a medium of your choosing. Here are user submitted completed photos. The system can run standalone or you can shoot with up to 9 friends and have my sytem run it all simultaneously (youtube demo). There is an option for gun ranges to use my board in conjunction with a pneumatic or electric cylinder as well. The full website and Wiki is here. I also have some Installation Instructions Read those after this. :-)

Interested? email : smdial [@]

You can opt to purchase this in three different configurations:

  1. Motherboard only ($135 + s/h)
  2. Fully wired Motherboard, motor, mounting hardware ($225 + s/h)
  3. Kit only ($70 + s/h)

Motherboard Only

The circuit board (photo below) is $135 (+ 5.95 s/h) and comes with an external antenna. It has two modes.

  1. Standalone (where you can shoot by yourself)
  2. "Worker" (where a master controller controls 2-10 TTs simultaneously).

This is intended to be a DIY kit to keep the cost down for people. I have an amazon list here for the required components

Built + Wired DIY option

If you want me to build out a motor driven system, it is $225 total (plus $15 s/h). I don't ship the mounting backboard or the battery because of the USPS rules.
It will simply have a + and - lead coming out where you can use a dewalt battery or any other 12-24v battery..
Most home tools battery powered (Milwaukee, Dewalt, Ryobi, etc) have a "dock" you can buy on amazon for < 10 that will lock your battery into a cradle and give you two leads.

Kit option

The kit option is the board from option #1, just all in pieces. The code will be loaded, and you will receive a baggie with all the parts that need soldered in.

Multiple systems running simultaneously

Running multiple systems with one iphone will require a master controller. The unit is $50. It will require a portable phone charger. ($9-15, but most people have them laying around the house) When the TTS's are in "Worker" mode, the phone will connect to the master, and the master will relay (simultaneously) the commands to each worker. You can have up to 10 workers at present.

External Relay

The system can also drive an external relay, if you have a range setup where you're using a electric or pneumatic cylinder to turn multiple targets at once. This board drives the Indianapolis Marion County range where our state matches are held. It turns 20 at a time using an air compressor and external relay. Let me know if you would like to proceed! Thank you for your interest. Happy Shooting,